Lakota Summer Language Institute and the Lakota Language Consortium

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From June 7-25, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sponsored their Annual Lakota Language Summer Institute.  This is the fourth year the Institute has been held.  Sixty adult participants from across the Great Plains attended the Institute, many of whom teach the Lakota language in schools.

This year’s curriculum focused on Lakota phonology, syntax and morphology.  The instruction was varied to accommodate language learners from beginners to advanced.

The Lakota Language Consortium helped to facilitate the sessions.  Their website highlights their many other preservation efforts, including videos, podcasts, flashcards, and much more.  One effort of note is the broadcasting of 20 episodes of the Berenstain Bears animated cartoon series on South Dakota Public Television, with all dialogue dubbed in Lakota.

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2 Responses to Lakota Summer Language Institute and the Lakota Language Consortium

  1. Imogene Roy says:

    I e-mailed you several weeks ago inquiring about any availability of grants for Elders to attend this institute. I’m from Kyle,SD and have worked At Little Wound School for 30 years. I also believed myself to be a Lakota language activist because I advocate for language and culture all my working years. I have a lot to share with people.

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