New Miss Navajo Nation Recognizes the Importance of Language Preservation

Winifred Bessie Jumbo of Two Grey Hills, N.M. was recently crowned Miss Navajo Nation at the Navajo Nation Fair held earlier this month. She recently graduated from Brown University and majored in ethnic studies and anthropology. As Miss Navajo Nation, Brown will represent her Tribe at events throughout the year and across the country, and perhaps also abroad.

According to an interview in the Navajo Times, Jumbo will “advocate for the preservation and revitalization of the Navajo language and encourage high school students to aim for higher education” during her tenure as Miss Navajo Nation.

As her to language abilities, Ms. Jumbo stated, “I’m somewhat of a fluent speaker but I’m always learning new terms as I go. I want to stress to people that it’s OK to speak Navajo even if you don’t speak it fluently. It’s OK to learn Navajo even if its just your introduction or your clans.”

For more information, please visit the Navajo Times website here.

Source: Navajo Nation News Release

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One Response to New Miss Navajo Nation Recognizes the Importance of Language Preservation

  1. Ms. Florence Catholique says:

    I would like to get a copy of your book(thesis). I am a Denesoline(Chipewyan) from Lutselk’e, NWT Canada. My mother’ s name is Madeline Drybones of the Dogrib Dene. My father ‘s name is Jonas Catholique of the Denesoline Dene. My grandmother on my mother’s side was named Monique Nitah, my grandfather’s name was Pierre Drybones. My grandmother on my father’s side was named Helen Laloche, my grandfather’s name was Gahdele(one name only).
    We still speak our language here but the younger generation are losing their language and we are certainly intersted in preseving our culture and language.

    We have a font. If you have any legends sent them to me. I am very interested in the legends of our relatives to the south.

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