Spotlight on Navajo/Diné Language Classes

For those interested in learning or brushing up on Navajo/Diné, there are a number of resources to draw on. The following is a partial list of colleges and universities as well as one community center with classes in Navajo. If you know of more resources, please comment.

The University of New Mexico (offers a Minor in Navajo Language)
Northern Arizona University (offers a Minor in Navajo Language)
The Phoenix Indian Center Dine Language Program (offers non-credit courses open to the public. Includes “Intergenerational Dine Language and Culture.”)
Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona
The American Academy (offers online high school classes including Navajo Language)
The University of Arizona
Arizona State University
Cococino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona
Dine College in Tsaile, Arizona

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