Thornton Media Introduces Cherokee Writing Application for iPhone/iPad

Thornton Media recently announced the release of a first-of-a kind application for the iPad and iPhone that teaches users to write in Cherokee syllabary. This comes on the heels of iPad/iPhone creator Apple’s release of software enabling the use of Cherokee on those products.

The app features audio recordings of the 85-character syllabary voiced by Cherokee language instructor Harry Oosawee. Users are able to see how characters are written while listening to how they are pronounced. iPad users can then use their finger to practice writing the characters on the iPad screen.

This new app, entitled Writing Cherokee, is available for purchase through the Apple iTunes Store along with a language-learning app called Cherokee Basic. Thornton Media is also in the process of developing RezWorld, an interactive 3-D full-immersion video game that allows players to speak their native language with the characters on screen. The Cherokee-owned company is hoping to make the product customizable for any American Indian Tribe or Canadian First Nation.

Thornton Media will be offering a demonstration of their products at Falmouth Institute’s Native American Language Preservation Summit 2011, to be held March 28-30 at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort, just outside of Phoenix Arizona.

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