Handbooks Help Guide Language Revitalization Process for Tribes

Is your Tribe interested in language revitalization but doesn’t know where to begin? One helpful resource you can turn to is the Awakening Our Languages handbook series. Published by the Indigenous Language Institute, the series provides information on designing language learning programs and curriculum. The content of the handbooks is based on knowledge gathered from numerous Tribes in various stages of the language revitalization process.

The handbooks include:

Handbook 1: Introduction
Handbook 2: Developing materials and activities for language teaching
Handbook 3: Conducting a language survey
Handbook 4: Envisioning a language program
Handbook 5: Knowing our language learners
Handbook 6: Knowing our language teachers
Handbook 7: Training our language teachers
Handbook 8: Designing curriculum
Handbook 9: Evaluating our language program
Handbook 10: Understanding first and second language acquisition

The entire series can be purchased for $65 including shipping and handling, or individual handbooks can be purchased for $8.50 per book from the Indigenous Language Institute website.

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