Veterans Day Book Recommendation

You are likely familiar with the vital role American Indian Code Talkers played in World War II. Soldiers speaking Native American languages including Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Meskwaki, and Comanche, used codes based on their languages to get messages safely passed the Japanese. Navajo soldiers are perhaps the most famous of the Code Talkers due to the fact that the Japanese were never able to crack their code.

In a recent memoir – the first of its kind – Navajo veteran Chester Nez gives a first person account of his experiences as a Code Talker. ┬áThe book has received rave reviews for its detailed, intimate and graceful narrative. The story is made all the more compelling given the mistreatment that Nez and other American Indians suffered in boarding schools, where they were punished severely for speaking their Native languages.

The book can be purchased at Be sure to look over the customer reviews, which speak to how much this book resonates with readers.

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