Hawaiian Language Immersion Sabatoged by Standardized Test

Presented by: Guest Blogger Katie Carroll

This year students in Hawaiian Language Immersion Programs are preparing for another Hawaiian Aligned Portfolio Assessment (HAPA) that will be nearly impossible for them to pass.

According to an article in the Honolulu Civil Beat, Hawaiian Language Students Getting Lost In Translation, Advocates Say these assessments are prepared in English than translated into Hawaiian creating inaccuracies in the wording of the questions among other issues.

A bill has been put before the House of Representatives to create an assessment in Hawaiian but according to reports from the Department of Education it could cost $ 7.8 million to create a separate test for the 350 students in the immersion programs.

According to the Department of Education for the State of Hawaii the HAPA was designed so that students enrolled in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program would be given an assessment that fit their curriculum in their primary language but instructors in the immersion programs say that the current assessment is not meeting its original purpose and goals.

According to the article the bill has received tremendous support, however the Department of Education is not taking a position on the bill and district officials are in search of a way to improve the HAPA without using so many financial and personnel resources.

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