Ojibwe Talking Dictionary Launched Today

Earlier today, the Department of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota launched a ground-breaking website called the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary. The professors and students who created the site wanted to create a compelling, interactive experience that would make learning Ojibwe easier while also providing cultural context. They settled on the idea of a talking dictionary that combines the written word, spoken word, and images.

After spending some time poking around the site, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone either interested in learning Ojibwe or looking for a good model for a talking dictionary for other heritage languages. The cultural gallery is lovely, the site is easy to navigate, and the crystal clear recordings make it easy to pronounce the words yourself. I’d recommend looking at it with Internet Explorer as your browser, though.  I couldn’t get the audio to work using Chrome.

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One Response to Ojibwe Talking Dictionary Launched Today

  1. Wayaaseshkang says:

    Indoojibwewanishinaabe-gikinoo’amaaganidog: Aapiji sa gidizhi-aangwaaminininim ji-ayooyeg endaso-giizhik geshkitooyegon i’iw isa weshkiiwinagak endazhi-waasamoowasabiikeng, “Wejibwewayaagiigidoowinagak Ikidoowinimazina’igan” ezhinikaadeg. Memindage dash giinawaa wejibwewanishinaabewiyeg ji-wii-ayooyeg endaso-giizhik, eshkam igo wiiba giga-gikendaanaawaa gaye giinawaa ji-nitaa-boojanishinaabemoyeg. Giishpin naaningodinong onzaam wendamitaayegon, bangii ganage aayaapii gidaa-ayoonaawaa de-minik ezhi-gashkitooyeg. Niin sa, Wayaaseshkang

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