Learn Potawatomi at Summer Camp!

If you’ve been wanting to learn to speak Potawatomi, you can get off to a great start this summer by attending a language immersion summer camp sponsored by the Hannahville Indian Community’s Department of Culture, Language and History. This will be the camp’s third year, and organizers say the past two summers’ camps have drawn folks not only from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula , where the camp is located, but from Canada, Kansas and Oklahoma as well.

Potential attendees can choose from three sets of dates that the camp is being run: June 11-15 (already in progress), July 9-13, and Aug. 13-17. Those who are interested can even attend all three sessions if they like. The camps are taking place at the Potawatomi Heritage Center, and the registration fee of $30 covers the cost of breakfast and lunch for the week.

If you’d like more details you can contact Hannahville’s Department of Culture, Language and History at (906) 723-2272.

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