Learn Dakota With an Apple App

Described as the most extensive indigenous language app yet, a new program from Apple allows you to learn the Dakota Sioux language on the go.

The app, called Dakota One, is available for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It was developed in conjunction with the Marty Indian School in South Dakota, and contains a database of over seven hundred sound and image files. The app also features twenty-five identification categories, from animals and colors to numbers and clothing. The image database really brings the learning to life, which is great for young students.

The app is available for download here. All proceeds go to the Marty Indian School on the Yankton Indian Reservation to further their language preservation and revitalization goals.

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One Response to Learn Dakota With an Apple App

  1. Tim Thompson says:

    Putting our native languages on an Apple App to make it more available could provide a means for our young people to learn their native language whenever and wherever they choose to practice. In our ever increasing use of technological devices the app will be right at everyone’s fingertips to open up and practice and learn from. It is very important for native americans to retain their ancestral native language to keep it alive and to not let it become extinct, as well as the songs and other aspects of our native culture and heritage.

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