University of Arizona, Tuscon “Revisiting the State of Indigenous Languages Conference” , June 17 – 18

University of Arizona, Tuscon’s American Indian Language Development Institute is holding a national conference in June called “Revisiting the State of Indigenous Languages”. The goal will be to address the current state of Indigenous languages and also to review the progress that has, or maybe has not, been made.

The idea behind the conference is to look back on what has happened since the passing of the Native American Language Act in1990 and 1992. The three questions the conference is based on are:

“Where have we been?

What do we know?

Where are we going?”

There will be keynote speakers, panels, discussions, along with a poster session.

This website has further information on the conference schedule along with how to register:

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University of Arizona, Tuscon "Revisiting the State of Indigenous Languages Conference" , June 17 - 18, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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