Diné Speakers Tune in to Listen to Radio Broadcasts in Native Language

Diné speakers on the Navajo reservation across New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah can tune into KNDN AM Radio to listen to the radio in their native language. George Werito, called the Navajo Jay Leno by many of his listeners, is one of the radio personalities of the station. On the station, listeners can call in and inform others about road conditions, meetings, and other news and Werito will report it, often times throwing in games and trivia to make it fun.

KNDN AM Radio became a full time Navajo language station in 1978 and is one great example of how different forms of media are being used to help revive and save endangered languages. There are several other radio stations broadcasting in native languages including KYUK, in Alaska, and KTDB, in New Mexico.

Other forms of media that have been used to help keep up the use of native languages are through the internet. Different social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, have helped connect native speakers, who may be spread far geographically, in unprecedented ways. These uses of media help continue the use of native languages, especially in the younger generations.

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