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Youtube is a great resource for recording and teaching different languages, and is another way that social media is helping endangered or at-risk languages.

One of our favorite Native language youtubers at Spoken First is “Daybreakwarrior.” He posts tons of awesome Navajo language and culture videos. He likes to make the videos fun by showing how to speak Navajo in daily life and for different activities, posts songs with English and Navajo subtitles, and also posts tongue twisters and other fun language games. He hopes to show the versatility of the Navajo language. Here are some of our favorites:

This video shows how to build a snowman with instructions in Navajo:

This next video is a song about weight loss in Navajo, complete with both Navajo and English subtitles:

This video is Daybreakwarrior’s grandmother telling a joke in Navajo, again with Navajo and English subtitles:

And finally, a fun tongue twister in Navajo:

Be sure to subscribe to Daybreakwarrior’s channel and check out his other videos, and be on the look-out for new ones!

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3 Responses to YouTube User Profile: Daybreakwarrior

  1. Wonderful.
    Maybe some more similiar easy events with both languages but maybe slower. I like the singing one as it repeats the words in tune. I like to see more of that. I could sing that as I walk.

  2. j Hardeman says:

    Dear Daybreakwarrior. I am interested in purchasing some of your music in CDs however I did not find your literal address. I do not use credit card in my purchases. Please provide me an address where I can make purchases; sorry there are still some of us who use the regular postal addresses. Thank you //navajo

  3. j Hardeman says:

    TO Daybreakwarrior. I just send you an email. I am basically interested in the religious songs or Christian music sung by the two ladies in Navajo and some other ones like the Lord’s Prayer. Thank you again. ‘Need your address though.

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