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The Myaamia Project

Created in 2001, the Myaamia Project seeks to advance the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s language and cultural revitalization efforts.  What makes it different from many similar efforts is that the Myaamia Project is a joint venture between Miami University, located … Continue reading

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Method in Focus: Cherokee Language on the Web

The Cherokee Nation is offering Cherokee language classes on the web. Classes are available both in live and in recorded versions. There are currently three levels of instruction available– I, II and III. To learn more or sign up for … Continue reading

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Method in Focus: Where Are Your Keys?

Have you head of “Where Are Your Keys?” before? It’s an interactive, collaborative, and engaging new method of language learning.  It’s also fast paced and incorporates sign language as a bridge, so even complete language novices can quickly pick up … Continue reading

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Methods in Focus: Total Physical Response Immersion

Total Physical Response Immersion is a language learning methodology we’d like to focus on today. What is Total Physical Response Immersion? This learning methodology encourages students to begin their language learning in an immersion environment.  This means that no English … Continue reading

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