TriSec 20 Preview – Keynote Speaker Announced!

JUST ANNOUNCED! Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw will be joining us as this year’s Keynote Speaker. Ms. Billy-Upshaw is a successful business woman and a former Miss Navajo Nation.

We’re thrilled to announce that Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw will be the Keynote Speaker at TriSec 20! Jocelyn, of the Within His Cover People Clan, is the founder of Moving Mountains Tribal Consulting and former Miss Navajo Nation. During her presentation, “Birthing the Power Within,” Jocelyn will discuss what your impact on the world is, creating powerful thoughts and words, prioritizing decision-making energy, rediscovering your life’s purpose and more. Join us for this special opportunity as Jocelyn shares her inspirational message.

Jocelyn is also an Executive Steering Committee Member of the Tribal Home Visiting Grant partnered with the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan. In addition, she is a member of the Steering Committee for the Together on Diabetes Grant partnered with Johns Hopkins University.

In 2006, Jocelyn embarked on a lifelong dream, serving as Miss Navajo Nation 2006-07. As Miss Navajo, Jocelyn confirmed her niche for community relations, administrative functions and financial reporting. Jocelyn gained organized leadership experience, explored the exceptional network of high-level contacts on the Navajo Nation and state of Arizona. The experience strengthened the inspirational leader within, the talent for recruiting and motivating others. Jocelyn became more passionate about creating sustainable, cultural sensitive and dynamic financial partnerships between tribal governments and external agencies.

Upon the completion of a successful reign, Jocelyn served as an Executive Staff Assistant to the First Lady of the Navajo Nation. At the President’s office, she sustained cooperative research programs/direct community outreach and teaching program partnerships with offices as the Arizona Governor’s, Attorney General’s, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, etc. Jocelyn administered and reported in compliance $500,000 in grant funding, wrote and directed production of advertisements, promotions, sales, materials and other client communications.

With the seed of understanding of laws’ influence on communities, Jocelyn pursued and received dual degrees in Political Science and Applied Indigenous Studies from Northern Arizona University in 2005. She also continued with her education at Johns Hopkins University and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Jocelyn is blessed with a loving husband, Kyle, and they have a three year old daughter named Mya. Jocelyn’s parents are Helen and James Billy of Chinle, Ariz. Her faith and family are the foundation of her existence as a Diné woman originally from White Post, near Shonto, Arizona, raised in Chinle, Arizona.

Jocelyn hopes to model her belief that we each embody an innate destiny of prosperity. One’s journey may not be typical but as one works toward their personal goals, are committed to the good in their heart, lift those around them, and make a positive impact in society, one is successful.

Join us at TriSec 20! Click here for conference details and to register.

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