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Anatomy of a Business Deal for Tribal Organizations and Enterprises Applying OMB's Grant Compliance Requirements: Navigating the Super Circular's Compliance Supplement Audit Preparation for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Basic Bookkeeping: Federal Grants and Contracts Accounting for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Basic Budgeting for the Tribal Organization Budgeting for Accountability and Results Budgeting for Tribal Office Managers and Administrative Professionals Budgeting with Microsoft Excel for Tribal Organizations Commercial Purchasing for Tribal Casinos and Other Commercial Tribal Enterprises Creating Performance Measurement Systems in Response to OMB's Super Circular and the DATA Act Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement in Tribal Organizations Ethics in Procurement for Tribal Organizations Federal Grant and Contract Management Using Financial Management Systems Financial Literacy for Tribal Board and Council Members Financial Literacy for Tribal HR Professionals Financial Literacy for Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Financial Literacy II for Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Financial Literacy for Tribal Supervisors and Program Specialists Financial Management Under Self-Determination Contracts Fund Reporting for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Getting the MOST Out of Abila MIP for Tribes and Tribal Organizations I-Finance: Indian Country's Financial Management Conference Implementing Internal Control Standards Under OMB's Uniform Guidance Indian Country Indirect Cost Summit Indirect Cost Basics for Tribal Organizations Indirect Cost Strategies for Tribal Organizations in the 21st Century Internal Controls for Tribal Organizations: Protecting Your Tribe's Financial Assets Money, Banking and Investing in an Uncertain Economy for Tribal Leaders and Enterprise Board Members OMB's Uniform Guidance: Administering Federal Funds and Contracts Preparing and Negotiating Special or Multiple Indirect Cost AgreementsPreparing Indirect Cost Proposals and Understanding OMB's Super Circular Preparing Year-End Financial Statements for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Procurement under OMB's Super Circular Public Relations and Marketing in Indian Country Strategic Purchasing Procedures for Tribes and Tribal Businesses Tribal Contracting and Purchasing Certification Program Tribal Financial Oversight Certification Program
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