Etiquette Tips: Cubicle Living

When sharing a work space or working within close quarters, it’s important to be considerate to the people around us. Especially in a cubicle setting, we can sometimes forget that our actions can affect someone else’s day. In order to respect everyone else’s work space, you should try to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t always chime in on personal conversations that you hear over the wall or across the room.
  2. Minimize noise and keep the volume of your music as low as possible. Or even better, invest in some $10 ear buds.
  3. Try to keep your lunch in the kitchen. If you need to work at your desk while eating, make sure you promptly dispose of your trash in the break room area as opposed to your personal desk trash bin to eliminate odors.
  4. Find a healthy balance between your personal and professional image when it comes to decorating your office space. Although that space may be yours, it is important to keep certain pictures or posters at home.
  5. As soon as you enter the office, put your cell phone on vibrate or completely silence your ring tone.
  6. Remember to avoid wearing an overpowering perfume or cologne in the workplace. Strong scents may bother others close by.
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