TriSec 18 Workshops Announced!

Falmouth Institute is pleased to announce the workshop topics for the 18th Annual Tribal Secretaries Conference! Our expert instructors will cover a variety of subjects including: using Microsoft Office® to maximize efficiency, exploring techniques for minute-taking, dealing with stress and workplace hostility, finding a work-life balance, improving your electronic communication, and much more! For detailed descriptions of the workshops, please continue reading.

Using Microsoft Outlook® to Maximize Efficiency and Communicate Effectively
Increase your productivity and learn great tips and tricks for using Outlook® in your office.  Learn how Outlook® can help you track your time and activity, how advanced calendar tools can save you time and frustration and how to tame even the most unruly Inbox.

  • Calendar tools
  • Tracking your time
  • Utilizing the journal

Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft® Excel
If you’ve learned the basics of Excel, you’re ready for some timesaving tips and productivity-increasing tricks.  In this workshop, you’ll discover the best tools for creating more advanced worksheets, designing colorful graphs and charts, and eliminating calculation errors when working with budgets.

  • Simplifying budgets using formulas
  • Special features and formatting tools
  • Simplifying budgetary calculations

From Good to Great for Administrative Assistants
Do you know the differences between a good administrative assistant and a great one?  There are several key attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that set some administrative assistants up for success.  This workshop will provide you with strategies to take ownership of your own success in the workplace.

  • Making consistent use of strategies for success
  • How personal discipline is the key to greatness
  • Micro-approaches—incorporating new attitudes, beliefs and ideas on a small scale over time

Surviving Change and Uncertainty in the Workplace
In response to difficult economic times, many organizations have had to restructure, remove or replace departments.  This can lead to great stress and feelings of uncertainty in the workplace.  In this workshop, you’ll learn to identify and overcome your anxiety so you can thrive in a changing environment.

  • Preparing for change
  • Responding to a crisis environment
  • Strategies to maximize your value to your organization

Note- and Minute-Taking for Administrative Professionals
Your organization counts on you to supply concise, accurate reports of meetings, phone calls and other situations requiring documentation.  In this workshop, you’ll explore successful techniques for recording the key points of meetings, transcribing your notes and creating reports.

  • Efficient note-taking
  • Organizing your notes
  • Transcribing, distributing and amending notes and minutes

Presenting Information Effectively
Would you rather get a root canal than present to a group? We all present information to others on a daily basis.  Whether it’s a formal PowerPoint® to our department or a quick description of a recently completed task to our boss, we need to be able to present information clearly, confidently and concisely.  In this workshop, you’ll practice presenting information to your peers. You’ll get expert tips and targeted recommendations to help you gain confidence in your presentation abilities.

  • Tailoring information and presentation styles to your audience
  • Quick and effective confidence builders
  • Filtering out the “noise”—how to identify key points in any conversation, document or presentation

Leadership for Administrative Professionals in the Tribal Workforce
Have you ever had a great idea but had a hard time getting others to take it seriously?  Do you feel that your position limits your potential for leadership?  You don’t need to be in a management position to be a leader. This workshop will help you develop your inner confidence, overcome self-limiting behaviors and other obstacles and help you realize your career potential.

  • Identifying your goals and strengths, and tracking your progress
  • Recognizing opportunities for leadership
  • Eliminating self-limiting behaviors and attitudes

Managing Your Manager and Dealing with Multiple Bosses
Do you feel like your manager impedes, rather than encourages, your success?  Are you at your wit’s end trying to keep up with the expectations and priorities of multiple managers?  Learn to get the most out of your relationships with your managers and master the art of working for multiple bosses.

  • Identifying and communicating your needs
  • Using the power structure to your advantage
  • Handling a range of priorities and personalities

Walking in Two Worlds
How do people navigate successfully in two different cultures? Discover the wisdom and power you gain from your culture and learn to apply it to your interactions with others.

  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Tradition vs. policy
  • Cross-cultural communication

Setting Boundaries in Your Personal and Professional Life
Setting boundaries is an important skill that few of us are able to do naturally.  For your own emotional well-being, it’s important to know when and how to say no, both at home and in the workplace.  This workshop will help you establish when it is appropriate to set personal and professional boundaries, and will give you sample phrases to establish your boundaries with your boss, coworkers, friends and family.

  • When it’s ok to say no
  • Establishing boundaries before you need them
  • Recognizing your own limitations

Self-Awareness, Stress, and You
If you want to get a handle on the stress in your life, this workshop is exactly what you need. You’ll get valuable tips on how to control stress and put things in perspective. We’ll talk about the many benefits of dealing with stress in positive ways and give you ideas for using resources you already have available in your home and work environments to combat stress and anxiety.

  • Identifying physical and mental symptoms of stress
  • Diet and exercise habits for stress reduction and wellness
  • The connections between effective stress management and productivity, both personal and professional

Combating Workplace Hostility and Bullying
Whether it’s from disgruntled clients, difficult bosses, or unkind coworkers, we all confront bullying behavior in the workplace at some point in our careers.  This workshop will help to identify bullying behavior, give you strategies for coping and redirecting, and offer advice for what to do if you witness someone else being bullied.

  • The common types of bullies & difficult people
  • Specific tactics to change others’ bullying behaviors by effectively shifting communication toward work goals
  • The power you have to shape interactions with bullies

Understanding Records Privacy
Do you know how to identify and appropriately handle confidential records?  This workshop will explore the basics of what FOIA and the Privacy Act mean for you.  Avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes and discover techniques that will help you organize and manage important tribal records while protecting yourself and your organization’s liability.

  • Understanding records retention requirements
  • Safeguarding important files
  • Confidentiality issues

Improving Your Electronic Communications
Whether we like it or not, the majority of our daily workplace communications now take place over the phone and with email.  In this workshop, we’ll explore why it’s important to think before you call or email.  Learn why “cyber manners” are becoming increasingly important for your professional image, and discuss how to ensure you represent yourself well in your electronic communications.

  • Setting the appropriate tone
  • Guidelines for appropriate and effective message formatting
  • Handling email and voicemail overload
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TriSec 18 Workshops Announced!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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4 Responses to TriSec 18 Workshops Announced!

  1. NAN says:

    please e-mail the total $ amount for the 18th Tribal Sec. conference. Also something for the hotel (to show that is the actual $ amount). thank you

  2. richard says:

    I am so impressed with the classes being offered this year at Tri Sec. Each one is on point and will helps with my job. See you in April.

  3. millie says:

    I checked the hotel where the conference is being held and the prices are unbelievable. I guess if your coming from a gaming tribe you can afford these prices unlike other tribal agencies, it is too expensive to travel to this great conference. I enjoyed the past ones and will wait until it is held at another location.

    • Laura Brooks says:

      Hi Millie,
      Falmouth has negotiated a rate of $129 a night for TriSec at The Cosmopolitan, which, as you noted, normally costs significantly more! This negotiated rate is very competitive with other hotels in the area, and the rate is good until March 25. Just mention “2011 Falmouth” when you call to book at The Cosmopolitan, and you will receive the special rate. We hope to see you at TriSec 18!

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