Tribal Board Retreats - Turning Your Board Into an Effective Team

Falmouth Institute’s board retreats, specifically designed to meet the needs of your board, will help your board to work together as an effective team which will lead to better performance and enhanced services to the members you serve.

If your board is not functioning well as a team or just wants to work on a strategic plan, we have the faculty and materials which will meet your needs. Falmouth will develop a program that includes topics ranging from conflict resolution and team building to strategic planning. If you need specific topics which address the laws, regulations or policies that apply to your organization’s programs, we have subject matter experts in virtually every program area managed by tribal governments.

If one or more of the following apply to your tribal board, please call us to discuss which type of retreat format will be best for your organization:

-Inability to set or focus on goals
-Inability to make decisions
-Destructive criticism
-Lack of teamwork
-Show horses vs. Work horses
-Micro management and paralysis by analysis
-Dominant board members
-Non-participative board members
-Non-loyal board members

At one time or another, a board stops functioning as well as it should. Falmouth’s mission is to provide you with an experience which will energize board members to become a well-functioning board that serves the community and ultimately have an organization that provides outstanding services to the community.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

-Dealing with conflict/conflict resolution
-Effective communication strategies
-Team building
-Strategic planning
-Roles and responsibilities of board members
-Ethics and conflicts of interest
-Dealing with nepotism
-Board member liability
-Evaluating key employees
-Financial oversight
-Control through policies and procedures
-Specific coverage on technical program issues relative to your mission

For information on how the Falmouth team can bring a Tribal Board Retreat to your organization, please call Tom Wilkins, Falmouth Institute's Business Development Specialist, at 800-992-4489 ext. 119, or click here.