Case Management Professional Development System

The Falmouth Institute Case Management System has been designed to address the issues and provide the skills and information needed to assist the professionals working as case managers in Indian Country. Through this innovative program, professionals can learn to understand case management and their roles as case managers in Indian Country and develop the vital skills needed to assist the clients whom they serve.

Within Tribal communities, members of a case management team may come from many different departments or organizations, such as schools, health care facilities, hospitals, employee assistance programs or tribal enterprises. These professionals may also have different goals, objectives and backgrounds, so we have structured this program to address the specific needs of each group. This program is divided into three segments:

Level One: Introduction to Tribal Case Management

-Cultural competency and case management
-Case management and historical trauma on American Indian families
-Effective interviewing for case planning
-Accurate and informed client assessment

    Level Two: Tribal Case Management
    -Technical and organizational skills for case management
    -Case documentation
    -Developing an effective case plan
    -Caseload management

    Level Three: Client Development
    -Client coaching skills
    -Client personal/professional skill building
    -Assessing employment skills for the tribal client
    -Employment services skills

    Each level is delivered during a one-week on-site training (per level) within your facility. You can choose to provide trainings for the individual levels or the complete program to members of your case management team.

    For complete details of the Case Management Professional Development System, please click here.

    For information on how the Falmouth team can assist your staff with a Case Management Professional Development System, please call Tom Wilkins, Falmouth Institute's Business Development Specialist, at 800-992-4489 ext. 119, or click here.