Your tribal constitution is the essential guide to governing your organization. It is the cornerstone of a stable tribal government and skillfully balances the rights of the people against those of the government.

With Falmouth's Tribal Constitution Consulting Services we will educate your community on the need for an effective constitution. We'll work with your community and tribal leaders to make the necessary changes to your constitution in order to bring positive and visible change to your members' lives.

Our phased approach to creating/revising and implementing constitutions is designed to give tribal organizations an opportunity to explore the people, processes and programs that will contribute to building a strong and lasting constitution.

Recognizing that each tribal constitution is unique, we will use the following steps as a foundation when working with you on the Constitution Revision Process:

    1. Conduct pre-project review and intake gathering
    2. Conduct leadership workgroup - tribal constitution process
    3. Develop constitution reform process action plan
    4. Coordinate and conduct constitution reform process public hearings
    5. Conduct leadership workgroup - constitution draft review and comment
    6. Coordinate and conduct constitution draft public hearings
    7. Release and present final constitution/related documents

    For information on how the Falmouth team can assist your staff in creating a more effective constitution, please call Tom Wilkins, Falmouth Institute's Business Development Specialist, at 800-992-4489 ext. 119, or click here.