Tribal Content and Documents Management (TCDM) is comprised of the strategies, methods and tools used to define, capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to tribal organizational processes. Falmouth Institute’s TCDM team provides training and implementation support that helps customers increase their effectiveness by providing quick and easy access to documents, implementing workflow and automation and integrating TCM solutions with other critical governing and administrative applications.

The core components of Tribal Content and Documents Management (TCDM) are:

- Policy/Procedures
- Imaging/Scanning
- Document Management
- Automated Workflow

    Establishing a records management policy and preparing the workforce to employ this process. Falmouth TCDM can will help your staff maintain the documents and records you need for your grant and contract programs.

    The act of creating a digital image or data stream from paper by imaging or email and fax by importing. Falmouth TCDM can dramatically streamline your paper processes, allowing you to manage data more efficiently and cost effectively.

    Document Management
    The software that is used to File, Store and Retrieve documents that have been captured. Falmouth TCDM, electronically captures documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates the routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports, and forms, and provides instant retrieval from the desktop or web.

    Automated Workflow
    The process of getting documents or information to the appropriate person or department so progress can be made. TCDM Automated workflow provides a platform for automating assignments, routing, decision-making, auditing and performance reporting.

    For information on how the Falmouth team can assist your staff with Tribal Content and Documents Management, please call Tom Wilkins, Falmouth Institute's Business Development Specialist, at 800-992-4489 ext. 119, or click here.