Would You Like a Career Promoting Alaska’s Indigenous Languages?

Do you have a passion for Alaska’s indigenous languages? Do you want to be part of a team charged with finding a way to promote the vitality of Native Languages across the state? If so, the job listed below may be perfect for you!

Please note that we aren’t offering the position ourselves — we just wanted to pass the info along about this great opportunity. To find out more about the job, or to apply, visit Workplace Alaska.


The Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) is looking for a self-reliant, energetic and detail-oriented individual who can demonstrate competency in an Alaska Native language, to assist in establishing the Alaska Native Language Council. 

Alaska Native Languages are threatened with extinction. The intent of this program is to preserve and maintain Alaska Native Languages. Indigenous languages are the most critical components in preservation of cultural ideas and traditions and serve as the backbone of all cultural elements.

At DCRA, we recruit employees who demonstrate a high level of initiative, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to adapt to a changing environment, and an interest in working with indigenous cultures and communities.  Applicants selected for an interview should be prepared to discuss these qualities.

Duties for this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan Design and manage research projects.
  • Represent the program at statewide or regional conferences, seminars, meetings, and workshops.
  • Maintain communication with stakeholders including schools, non-profits, native organizations and others.
  • Serve as state liaison for similar programs with schools, non-profits, native regional organizations and others.
  • Compile, update and maintain data in an organized manner using standard data management software.
  • Write technical reports and other publications summarizing research study findings, policy implications and program evaluations.
  • Prepare presentations, technical reports, brochures, articles, and professional journal articles to promote the program.

The successful candidate must be a fluent Alaska Native speaker and will possess some or all of the following knowledge, skills, abilities and experience: (These traits must be listed in your cover letter).

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with little to no supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability of successful and consistent goal setting, meeting deadlines, and accomplishing objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment and facilitate a positive work atmosphere.

Please document in your cover letter the Alaska Native Language and dialect you speak.

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Effective oral and written communicator in a Native language as well as in English.
  • Must be able to understand an Alaska Native language.
  • Must be able to speak an Alaska Native language and
  • Either read or write an Alaska Native language.

In order to qualify for this position, applicants must meet the above requirement regarding the Alaska Native Language.


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