Great Upcoming Conference on Indigenous Languages!

Northern Arizona University’s College of Education is holding an endangered language conference from June 2-4, 2013 in Flagstaff, AZ. It will be the 20th annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium and the 4th American Indian/Indigenous Teacher Education Conference.

The conference is meant for language activists and community, K-12, preschool, college, and university educators. There will be a variety of panels, workshops, and papers presented to help encourage discussion about how to enrich lives and improve education for Indigenous children.

The goals of the conference, as listed on their website are:

  • To bring together community and language activists, educators, school administrators, school board members, tribal officials, and parents to share ideas and experiences on how to improve education and language revitalization programs for Indigenous communities.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of scholarly research on Indigenous language revitalization and teaching Indigenous children.
  • To disseminate through a monograph and web site recent research and thinking on Indigenous education and language revitalization best practices.

You can find more information and also register on their website:

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Great Upcoming Conference on Indigenous Languages!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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3 Responses to Great Upcoming Conference on Indigenous Languages!

  1. The annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL) is an opportunity for round-table discussion of theoretical and descriptive linguistic studies of indigenous languages of the Americas. WAIL is sponsored by the UCSB Linguistics Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara and presented by the Native American Indigenous Languages Study Group (NAIL), which has been meeting regularly in Santa Barbara since 1990 to discuss issues relating to Native American language and culture .

  2. I’m a Navajo from Tsaile, Az, I’ve attended several SILS Conferences, I’ve enjoyed recieving different ways of preserving our Navajo Language and sharing these ways with other Native Tribe. Looking forward to this upcoming conference in Flagstaff,AZ.

  3. Tavish Brown says:

    This conference is the best I seen so far. The last time I attended this event was when this conferenice was held in British, Columbia, Canada. We had tons of fun leaving the Navajo reservation and hittin the road seeing what the U.S. holds. We traveled from the Navajo Nation to present our 8 student panel, a workshop by our Navajo Langauge Teacher Mrs. Howard, and presenting our dance group to show Navajo singing and dancing. Overall, we had a blast and I hope to attend this conference again whether I sit in as a guest.

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