Join Konta and Hottok every Monday as They Go On an Adventure!

The Chickasaw nation has started a fun new series called “Ofi’ Toklo” or “Two Dogs” to help children learn new Chickasaw words and phrases.  Each episode stars two pups named Konta and Hottok as they go on an adventure.  The episodes are kid friendly, educational, and interactive.  These videos are so fun that kids are going to want to watch them over and over!  New episodes are uploaded every Monday, so be sure to check back on their website each week to see what Konta and Hottok are up to, and to learn some new words!


Here is the first episode, called ‘Thirsty’:

You can watch the entire series here:,0

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Join Konta and Hottok every Monday as They Go On an Adventure!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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