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US Census Releases Data on Native North American Language Speakers

New data published by the US Census includes some interesting information about the numbers and locations of Native North American language speakers. Among the data released are the following estimates: The largest number of Native language speakers is concentrated in … Continue reading

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Veterans Day Book Recommendation

You are likely familiar with the vital role American Indian Code Talkers played in World War II. Soldiers speaking Native American languages including Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Meskwaki, and Comanche, used codes based on their languages to get messages safely passed … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Navajo/Diné Language Classes

For those interested in learning or brushing up on Navajo/Diné, there are a number of resources to draw on. The following is a partial list of colleges and universities as well as one community center with classes in Navajo. If … Continue reading

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Navajo-Language Immersion Program Offered to Kindergarteners in Shiprock, New Mexico

Kindergartners at Eva B. Stokely Elementary School in Shiprock, New Mexico now have the opportunity to learn in Navajo only. While the Central Consolidated School District offers Navajo-language classes to students in each of its 17 schools, this is the … Continue reading

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New Miss Navajo Nation Recognizes the Importance of Language Preservation

Winifred Bessie Jumbo of Two Grey Hills, N.M. was recently crowned Miss Navajo Nation at the Navajo Nation Fair held earlier this month. She recently graduated from Brown University and majored in ethnic studies and anthropology. As Miss Navajo Nation, … Continue reading

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New Language Data Released from 2007 American Community Survey

The Census Bureau’s 2007 American Community Survey showed some interesting data about Native language use in the U.S. The report identifies Navajo has the most widely spoken Native language, with 170,717 speakers who use Navajo in the home. There are … Continue reading

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Navajo and Rosetta Stone

By now, you have most likely heard that Rosetta Stone has released it’s Navajo language software. This is a major accomplishment that will certainly help promote Navajo language revitalization efforts. Although Navajo is the most widely spoken Native language in … Continue reading

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Navajo Code Talkers Foundation Requests Community Help

Just as we posted on the topic of Navajo Code Talkers, I received an email from Amy O’Hara who works with the Navajo Code Talkers Foundation.  The organization is gathering information about individual Navajo Code Talkers and would like you … Continue reading

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