Professional Excellence for Tribal Secretaries
and Administrative Assistants: Job Tools

As an administrative professional, you need to have much more than traditional “secretarial skills” to function in today’s office environment. Practical tools and education to navigate through the difficult situations that you face at work are essential. What’s more, you need to keep a positive attitude while juggling multiple tasks.

We updated and streamlined this popular class to better provide you with the tools necessary to organize yourself to realize your full potential. You’ll learn a commonsense approach to time management, understand how to reduce stress in the work environment, and go back to your job with the confidence to communicate assertively. You’ll also walk away knowing how to successfully manage projects, deliver outstanding customer service, and work effectively as part of a team.

During this class, you’ll use group discussion and exercises to fully immerse yourself in these topics, as well as learn ways to set new standards and push the limits of your job. Our expert will take you through the basics of Microsoft® Excel and Outlook. You’ll get an in-depth look at writing and editing documents in Microsoft® Word and explore features that will help you create documents for any task in a timely manner.

Return to work ready to face your daily challenges head-on with confidence and ease. Get ready to take the next step in your career.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Managing Yourself
  • Mastering self-change:
    • Setting SMART goals
    • Exercise: Intermediate Goals
    • Group exercise: Changing Yourself
  • Time management:
    • Strategies to remove barriers to effective time management
    • Time management tools
    • Organization skills
    • Managing the effects of stress
  • Stress management:
    • Definitions of stress
    • Change as a stressor
    • Signs of stress
    • Managing stress
  • Decision-making:
    • 6-step decision-making process
    • Decision-making traps
    • Exercise: Decision-Making
Managing Relationships
  • Building trust:
    • Being competent
    • Giving trust first
    • Having integrity
    • Being authentic
    • Loyalty
    • Exercise: Competency at the Workplace
  • Effective communication:
    • Active listening
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Verbal communication
    • Exercise: Choose Your Words
  • Managing conflicts:
    • Defining conflict
    • Cost of conflict at work
    • Exercise: Getting Our Needs Met
  • Working in teams:
    • Characteristics of effective teams
    • Group roles
    • Identifying your role
  • Supporting multiple managers:
    • Setting and communicating priorities
    • Handling pressure
    • Organizing the work
    • Managing the workload proactively
  • Customer service skills:
    • Identifying your customers
    • Identifying your customers' needs
    • Customer-centered service
    • Customer satisfaction in a nutshell
    • 8 essential customer service skills
Managing Your Projects
  • Project management essentials:
    • 5 phases of a project
    • Resource checklist
    • Project planning tools
    • Action planning worksheet
    • GANTT Chart
    • Milestone Chart
    • Meetings on the go
    Enhanced Computer Skills and Techniques
    • Using technology to manage and maximize your work and time
    • Microsoft® Outlook:
      • The basics
      • Setting up meetings
      • Sending emails
      • Creating folders
      • Setting up an address book
      • Using out-of-office replies
    • Microsoft® Excel:
      • Why use Excel?
      • Back to basics
      • Imputing information
      • Creating simple charts and graphs
    • Microsoft® Word:
      • Reviewing components
      • Composing documents
      • Editing documents
      • Merging documents
      • Using the available tools
    • Microsoft® PowerPoint

    *Topics subject to change.

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