Professional Development for Alaska Native
Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

The office environment keeps evolving, and so does your role as an administrative professional. The days when all you needed were traditional “secretarial skills” are over. Today, the challenges are greater and expectations are higher than ever before. This interactive class will be facilitated by Kristine Hill,* an expert in employee development, management and organizational development, who has years of experience working with tribal organizations and enterprises. Work with Ms. Hill to define your career goals, refine your skills and enhance your professional development by gaining an understanding and appreciation of how individuals function at work and how this influences you as a member of the workforce. You’ll learn to identify and address stressors at work and how to supervise friends, relatives and former peers.

This class will include pre- and post-training self-assessments, group discussions, case studies, exercises and activities. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Return to work with a renewed sense of energy and commitment and tackle the challenges of your position with ease, confidence and effectiveness.

*Instructor subject to change.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Goal Setting
  • Defining your objectives with your supervisor
  • Setting goals that can be evaluated
  • Necessary tools and resources
  • Goals to advance your career
  • Setting deadlines

Internet Resources

Assertiveness and Confrontation Techniques
  • Model for assertive response
  • Giving and receiving criticism
  • Handling anger effectively
  • Gentle confrontation
  • Reaching agreements
  • Defining and isolating the problem
  • Discovering new ways of examining problems
  • Deciding on the best alternatives
  • Gathering relevant information without nagging
  • Minimizing barriers within your environment
Gaining Respect in Your Position
  • Professional attire
  • Maintaining professionalism
  • Making and maintaining that good first impression
  • Going the extra mile
  • Stellar job performance
Principles of Supervision
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Guiding and directing
  • Delegating
  • Training
  • Motivating
  • Appraising employee performance
  • Dealing with conflict
Effective Meeting Management
  • Meeting preparation and planning
  • Facilitation skills
  • Understanding parliamentary procedures:
    • Robert’s Rules of Order
Resumé Marketing
  • Quantifying your achievement
  • Resumé design
  • Identifying employers needs
  • Creating your image to match your desired position or salary
  • Prioritizing resumé content
Interviewing Skills

  • Researching the employer
  • Appropriate interview attire
  • Preparation
  • Negotiation of the job offer


Topics subject to change

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