Customer Service for
Tribal Government Employees

As a front-line tribal government employee, you serve as the face of your tribe – when you provide excellent customer service, you’re building your tribe’s reputation for excellence. In this hands-on training, you’ll use role playing and case studies to learn appropriate responses to common situations. You’ll learn best practices for effective communication, how to set appropriate limits on customers and how to make customers feel appreciated and understood even when you can’t meet their demands. Leave this class armed with strategies for defusing hostile situations and for turning good customer experiences into great ones.

Perfect for those tribal government employees who interact with customers or clients.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E    
What is Customer Service?
  • How to define "customer"
  • Establishing a customer service philosophy
  • Basic customer service principles
  • How is customer service unique for tribal governments?
What Do Customers Want?
  • Putting yourself in the customer's place
  • Meeting expectations
  • Valuing the customer's time
  • Giving maximum effort
Tools for Improving Your Department's Customer Service
  • Identifying "Moments of Truth"
  • Assessing your department's customer service
  • Creating a "Customer Bug List"
Tools for Improving Your Personal Customer Service Style
  • Listening skills
  • Cooperative language
  • Building rapport
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Using proven phrases
Techniques for Dealing with Customers via Different Mediums
  • In person
    • Using an effective greeting
    • Proper body language
    • How to handle long lines
    • How to make the lobby comfortable for customers
  • By phone
    • Effective opening phrases
    • Setting the tone
    • Putting a caller on hold
    • Transferring a caller
    • Keeping the caller informed
    • Using interpersonal skills
    • Returning calls
    • Leaving voice messages
    • Dealing with nuisance callers
  • Over the internet
    • Advantages and disadvantages of email
    • Email do's and don'ts
    • Sample emails
    • Assessing your department's website
    • Using social media effectively
    • How to handle negative comments online
How to Handle Special Situations
  • Serving culturally diverse populations
  • Dealing with intoxicated people
  • When a "customer" is a family member
Dealing with Hostile Customers
  • Hot words/phrases to avoid
  • Turning confrontational language into cooperative language
  • How and when to apologize
  • Allowing the customer to save face
  • Refocusing and redirecting the conversation
  • When to involve security
What to Do When ...
  • A customer jumps in line
  • The customer has been "buck-passed"
  • Nobody has the answer
  • A customer wants information you're not allowed to give
  • A customer complains about red tape
  • You need to explain a tribal policy
  • A customer is confused about his/her needs
  • A customer refuses to leave
  • And much more!

*Topics subject to change.

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