Human Resource Skills for Non-HR Managers
in Indian Country

A basic understanding of human resources functions is beneficial to all managers and supervisors. Competency in this area has never been more critical than in today's job market. Tomorrow's manager has the opportunity to be far more selective about hiring decisions and more influential in the direction and success of staff after joining the organization. Knowing the letter of HR policy is not enough. You'll also need to understand the way HR staff thinks to ensure that you get the best employees and have the fewest problems when you must discipline or terminate an employee.

This comprehensive class will cover the most important things you need to know to effectively manage HR concerns as a manager or supervisor in any tribal organization. Our experienced instructor will walk you through the day-to-day human resources processes, discuss the importance of understanding how HR affects your department and give you tools to help you communicate more clearly and effectively with HR staff. This training will help you to raise productivity and employee satisfaction within your organization - register now!

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Think Like Human Resources
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity law
Finding the Best People
  • Recruiting:
    • External methods
    • Internal methods
  • Interviewing:
    • Open-ended questions vs. closed-ended
    • Traditional selection interviews
    • New and unique interview techniques
    • Increasing interview effectiveness
  • Hiring:
    • Establishing consistent practices
    • Avoiding hiring mistakes
Employee Performance
  • Performance appraisals:
    • Best techniques and practices
    • Providing meaningful feedback
  • Reward systems:
    • Motivating employee performance through compensation systems
    • Base salary
    • Short-term incentives
    • Long-term incentives
    • Benefits
    • Controlling costs
  • Meeting employee needs with limited resources
  • Helping employees manage their careers
  • Managing employee retention
Discipline and Termination
  • Discipline systems:
    • Positive vs. negative
  • Terminations:
    • Making legally defensible decisions
    • Managing morale among termination "survivors"
Special Circumstances
  • Preventing and managing sexual harassment
  • Managing age-related concerns and employment life cycles
  • Accommodations for disabled employees

*Topics subject to change.

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