Solving Employee Performance Problems
in the Tribal Workplace

From workers who refuse to do what you ask of them to ones who are pleasant enough but can never seem to do things right, dealing with problem employees is every tribal supervisor’s nightmare. But if you’re proactive about performance problems and you have the right tools, you can reign in even the most difficult employees. This class will explain and explore how to spot performance problems early, take appropriate action, and bring the best out of your employees.

With our expert instructor, you’ll explore simple, but effective tactics for resolving common issues and sure-fire strategies for enabling workers to meet higher performance goals. We’ll give you a hands-on approach with dozens of sample conversations, tools for evaluating and managing your employees, and models to assist in building performance evaluations.

Whether your organization is currently in need of performance management tools or you would like to stay up to date on problem-solving, this class will provide the framework you need to set expectations and eliminate problems.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
Setting Expectations to Avoid Performance Issues
  • Creating teams and leading them to success
  • Building a vision through principles and priorities
  • Communicating with your team and groups
  • Understanding a company's culture
  • Developing a fresh onboarding process
Model for Getting Performance Management Right
  • Developing roles and responsibilities within a company
  • Expanding on decision-making skills and techniques
  • Setting expectations for work outcomes and goals
  • Providing and coaching employees based on objectives
  • Measuring results of performance
Communicating Clearly and Often
  • Getting in sync with team members
  • Becoming proactive
  • Eliminating communication roadblocks
  • Preventing performance problems on the job
How Leaders Can Be Proactive with Performance
  • Coaching employees
  • Delegation skills
  • Becoming motivated
  • Documenting important performance components
Starters for Tough Performance Conversations
  • Maintaining employee self-esteem
  • Encouraging employee participation
  • Handling performance related conversations
Managing Performance in Today's Dynamic Workplace
  • Learning strategies for performance problem-solving
  • Managing multiple generations in the workplace
  • Conflict arising from cultural differences
  • Handling relationships with long-distance employees
Supervising Friends and Relatives
  • Positive and negative aspects
  • Transitioning from "friend" to boss
  • Questions to ask before hiring a personal connection
  • Defining roles and communicating expectations
  • Setting and maintaining personal boundaries
  • Involving HR in salary and benefit decisions
  • Giving performance reviews
  • Preserving your credibility and reputation
  • Avoiding gossip and drama
  • How to say "No" to friends and family
Coaching and Developing Employees
  • Developing skills for improving performance
  • Creating action plans for performance improvement
  • Coaching employees for higher productivity
Measuring Performance to Spot Problems Early
  • Handling problems early on
  • Why use performance evaluations?
  • Reevaluating current performance measurement tools
  • Encouraging continuous improvement
Successful Strategies to Use in an Organization
  • Finding performance improvement
  • Managing performance in your specific organizational culture
  • Implementing performance strategies
  • Finding equilibrium in an organization

*Topics subject to change.

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