Conducting Tribal HR Investigations and
Disciplining Employees

If youíve ever had to conduct a workplace investigation, you know how challenging it is. Donít take on this important duty without preparing yourself first. This one-day class will walk you through the steps for preparing for and conducting legal and effective internal investigations in the tribal workplace. From learning which documents you need to gather to understanding how to interview witnesses, youíll learn what it takes to conduct fair investigations, and how to decide on and implement any necessary discipline.

C L A S S    O B J E C T I V E S:
  • Learn steps for preventing inappropriate workplace conduct before it happens
  • Identify the appropriate criteria for determining whether an investigation is necessary
  • Identify which employment laws impact investigations in the tribal workplace
  • Discover how to organize and plan the investigation
  • Understand the factors in deciding who should conduct the investigation
  • Review a checklist of documents you need to gather
  • Learn the steps to conducting legal and effective witness interviews
  • Discover how to identify and avoid common internal investigations mistakes
  • Learn the proper process for wrapping up the investigation
  • Understand guidelines for how to decide on what the appropriate discipline is
  • Learn the steps to effectively implement discipline

    *Topics subject to change.

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