July 2015

The Tribal Workplace in the Digital Age
July 14 - 15 | Juneau, AK

Casino Accounting and Auditing for Indian Gaming Organizations
July 21 - 22 | Las Vegas, NV

Indian Country Human Resource Management Summit
July 21 - 23 | Las Vegas, NV

Managing Purchased/Referred Care and Leveraging the Affordable Care Act
July 22 - 23 | Albuquerque, NM

Basic Bookkeeping for Tribes and Tribal Organizations
July 23 - 24 | Las Vegas, NV

Protecting Confidential Tribal Records
July 27 - 28 | Las Vegas, NV

Cultural Curriculum for American Indian Early Childhood Programs
July 27 - 28 | Las Vegas, NV

Professional Excellence I for Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
July 27 - 29 | Las Vegas, NV

Role of the Recording Secretary
July 28 - 29 | Las Vegas, NV

Home Buyer Counseling Under NAHASDA
July 29 - 30 | Las Vegas, NV

Family Law in Indian Country
July 29 - 30 | Las Vegas, NV

Emerging Trends in Tribal Enrollment
July 29 - 31 | Las Vegas, NV

Project Management for Tribes and Tribal Organizations
July 30 - 31 | Las Vegas, NV

Becoming a Meetings Master for Tribal Administrative Professionals
July 30 - 31 | Las Vegas, NV

Policies and Procedures

Is it time for a review of your tribal organization's employee policies and procedures?

If they haven't been reviewed in over a year, it's time!

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July 21 - 23, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

In this NEW and important Summit, you’ll meet with other tribal HR professionals from across the country to explore how you can not only master basic HR functions, but demonstrate the kind of HR leadership that can transform tribes. MAKE SURE TO JOIN US! Click here for more information or to register.