September 2014 Calendar

OMB's New Uniform Guidance
September 4 | Bismarck, ND

Indirect Cost Strategies
September 5 | Bismarck, ND

Robert's Rules of Order for Tribal Organizations
September 9 - 10 | Tower, MN

Strategic Purchasing Procedures for Tribes and Tribal Businesses
September 15 - 16 | Las Vegas, NV

Professional Communication Skills for Native Women
September 15 - 16 | Las Vegas, NV

Strategic Planning for Tribes and Tribal Organizations
September 16 - 17 | Albuquerque, NM

Financial Literacy for Tribal Supervisors and Program Specialists
September 17 - 18 | Las Vegas, NV

Understanding OMB's New Grant Compliance Requirements
September 17 - 18 | Las Vegas, NV

Professional Excellence III for Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Professionals: Job Tools
September 17 - 19 | Las Vegas, NV

Casino Surveillance for the Indian Gaming Facility
September 18 - 19 | Las Vegas, NV

Assessing your HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards in Indian Country
September 18 - 19 | Albuquerque, NM

Robert's Rules of Order for Alaska Native Organizations
September 22 - 24 | Anchorage, AK

Robert's Rules of Order for Tribal Organizations
September 22 - 24 | Las Vegas, NV

Assessing and Revising Personnel Policies and Procedures for Tribal Organizations
September 22 - 24 | Las Vegas, NV

The Essentials of Indian Law: Everything You Need to Know to Work in Indian Country
September 23 - 24 | Las Vegas, NV

Leadership Skills for Alaska Native Women
September 25 - 26 | Anchorage, AK

Solving Employee Performance Problems in the Tribal Workplace
September 25 - 26 | Las Vegas, NV

Becoming a Meetings Master for Tribal Administrative Professionals
September 25 - 26 | Las Vegas, NV

Organizational Assessments


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