Practice Areas

We deliver public (open-enrollment) training seminars, customized on-site courses, conferences and trade shows and comprehensive consulting services in the following fields.

Law & Governance

Running your Tribal Government isn’t easy. We offer a broad spectrum of law and compliance training and consulting solutions to address the unique challenges of running your Tribal government and related programs.

Scheduled Law & Governance

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Law & Governance Consulting

Human Resources

A tribe’s most precious resource is, of course, its employees. For more than two decades, Falmouth has helped tribal governments with the training and services they need to assure a well-trained, dedicated and happy workforce.

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Human Resources Consulting


Strong internal controls and financial accountability are the foundations of good tribal governments. Falmouth’s expertise in government finance and internal controls is unsurpassed in Indian Country.

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Finance Consulting


The explosive growth of the gaming industry in Indian Country has presented tribes with many opportunities and challenges. Falmouth Institute has developed an array of services and courses designed specifically for the tribal casino’s management and staff.

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Gaming Consulting