Law & Governance Consulting

Falmouth has established credibility and respect in the area of tribal governance. Our team of government and enrollment experts can help you enhance your efficiency and productivity by developing and implementing hands-on solutions that are individually tailored to meet your desired objectives. 

Put our knowledge to work for you in the areas of:

Grant Writing and Management
Falmouth’s Grant Writing and Management Services Include: 
  • Grant Research and Training
  • Program Planning and Design
  • Proposal Development
  • Program Management and Evaluation

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Policies and Procedures
Falmouth Institute can assist your organization in revising your policies and procedures in the following areas: 
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounting Policies
  • Procedures for Facilities and Commercial Buildings
  • Crisis Management Planning, Policies and Procedures
  • Tribal Housing Program
  • Tribal Schools and School Boards

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Tribal Board Retreats
Turning Your Board Into an Effective Team

Falmouth Institute’s board retreats, specifically designed to meet the needs of your board, will help your board to work together as an effective team which will lead to better performance and enhanced services to the members you serve. 

If your board is not functioning well as a team or just wants to work on a strategic plan, we have the faculty and materials which will meet your needs. Falmouth will develop a program that includes topics ranging from conflict resolution and team building to strategic planning. If you need specific topics which address the laws, regulations or policies that apply to your organization’s programs, we have subject matter experts in virtually every program area managed by tribal governments.

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Tribal Constitution and Bylaws Development and Revision

Your tribal constitution is the essential guide to governing your organization. It is the cornerstone of a stable tribal government and skillfully balances the rights of the people against those of the government. 

With Falmouth’s Tribal Constitution Consulting Services we will educate your community on the need for an effective constitution. We’ll work with your community and tribal leaders to make the necessary changes to your constitution in order to bring positive and visible change to your members’ lives.

Our phased approach to creating/revising and implementing constitutions is designed to give tribal organizations an opportunity to explore the people, processes and programs that will contribute to building a strong and lasting constitution.

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Enrollment Audits, Policies and Ordinances
Falmouth Institute has more than 35 years of experience working with tribes on enrollment issues and offers the following enrollment services:
  • Development of Effective Enrollment Ordinances
  • Enrollment Records Policies and Procedures
  • Comprehensive Enrollment Records Audit

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