Human Resources Consulting

Falmouth Institute has established credibility and respect in the areas of training and program administration. Our team of tribal government and human resources experts can help you enhance your tribe’s results by developing and implementing hands-on solutions that are individually tailored to meet your desired objectives.

Put our knowledge to work for you in the areas of:

Policies and Procedures
Falmouth Institute can assist your organization in revising your policies and procedures including:
  • Personnel policy manual development and revision
  • Developing remote employee practices
  • Classification of essential personnel
  • Roles and responsibilities of a virtual workforce
  • Policies and procedures to deal with communicable diseases
  • Sick leave
  • Protecting employees who deal with the public
  • Safe workplace practices
  • Cyber security practices for a virtual workforce
  • Secure meeting platforms and protocols

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Tribal Background Screening and Adjudication Services

Falmouth Institute will work with your tribe on creating strong and credible Background Screening Ordinances and Policies. Our team can assist in implementing practices and procedures that protect your community and give your employees confidence in the rules and regulations of your workplace.

We can help to provide the policies that simplify the pre-employment screening, background investigation and adjudication services for tribal governments, TDHEs, educational and healthcare facilities and gaming enterprises.

Our services include:
  • Employment background screening
  • Adjudication
  • Policies and procedures
  • FBI approved screening reports
We can work with you to deliver:
  • An evaluation of the state of the tribe’s ordinance and background screening process
  • A summary of the tribe’s most critical employee screening needs
  • Suggestions for improving the background screening process and the accuracy of the tribe’s employment records

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Compensation Strategies

Developing a compensation system that allows for fair and consistent salary application for all employees is difficult. Let Falmouth assist in the development and implementation of an overall compensation philosophy that will guide your organization’s salary structure for years to come, including:

  • Job Description Review
  • Job Evaluation and Classification
  • Competitive Market Pricing Analysis
  • Salary Administration and Procedures

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Employee Policies and Procedures

The employees that work within your tribal government and community are the anchors of the progress and effectiveness of your programs and departments. As an organization, the values, integrity and mutual support you share with your workforce will be transferred to the tasks and services they perform and will achieve a workplace that your citizens and employees are proud to honor and respect. Is it time for a review of your policies?

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Organizational Assessments

Falmouth Institute’s Organization Development Survey Tools can provide data on the performance of one employee, one department or the entire organization. We can help you achieve your goals, whether you need to:

  • Assess individual effectiveness on the job
  • Identify employee learning and development needs
  • Gain senior management support for training plans
  • Increase the impact and effectiveness of training programs
  • Add value to one-on-one coaching interventions
  • Document the factors affecting organizational performance

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Tribal Strategic Planning Retreats

The ability to plan with accuracy and foresight is the cornerstone of a successful tribal operation. During this guided discovery process, you’ll analyze your organization and the needs of your community. During your retreat, our facilitator(s) will work with you step-by-step to set and reach your goals and prepare for the future. As you discover ways to establish a direction for your organization, you’ll also understand how to evaluate the plan’s success and make necessary modifications as your knowledge, capabilities and expectations grow. The overall objective will be to assist your leaders in creating outcome-focused goals and setting benchmarks needed to maximize the benefits and resources of your community.

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