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March 24 - 25, 2016
Phoenix, AZ - Hilton Garden Inn

We'll guide you through the many new OMB requirements and restrictions.

Now that the battle over indirect costs has been won in the courts, the work begins at the agency level. Expect increased scrutiny of your indirect cost proposals and mandates to comply with new OMB requirements placing restrictions on costs in the base and the pool. Already the Interior Business Center has instituted troubling new policies relating to IDC reimbursement for registration and enrolment of tribal members. And several federal agencies are now delaying or refusing indirect costs unless proposals are approved within the time requirements of the new OMB Revisions.

Falmouth Institute’s Indian Country Indirect Cost Summit 2016 will guide you through the many new requirements and restrictions and help you develop a strategy to assure that you receive your full indirect costs. Our expert faculty – John Friel, CPA; Brian Deveau, CPA; and attorney Lloyd Miller – will instruct you on the most effective strategies and time-tested techniques for negotiating IDC agreements with the Interior Business Center (IBC). They’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to report indirect cost activities and how to avoid charges for filing false claims. We’ll discuss policy on allocating tribal money to exclusions to manage tribal supplements and have an in-depth discussion of multiple rates. Plus, we’ll have special coverage on funding new facilities, recovering space costs, depreciation, and reporting excess cash flow, as well as a complete overview of the IHS reconciliation form and IHS annual negotiations for CSC and DCSC.

It’s time to put the newly-won victories to work. Let our team show you how these wins can be incorporated into your strategy when developing your tribe’s next indirect cost proposal. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – register today!

Pre-Summit Workshop - March 23 - Join us and be fully prepared for the complexities of the two-day Summit. The Pre-Summit Workshop will cover the basics of your IDC proposal (You must register for the Indirect Cost Summit in order to attend this session.)

*Topics and presenters subject to change.






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