New Presenter Added to Language Preservation Summit

Falmouth Institute is pleased to announce the addition of presenter Dr. Andrea Bear Nicholas to the Native American Language Preservation Summit 2011.

Dr. Bear Nicholas is chair of Native Studies at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and is an enrolled Maliseet. She developed the first Native Language Immersion Teacher Training Program at the university level in North America, and is currently involved in editing and publishing over 5000 pages of stories in the Maliseet language.

In her presentation at Falmouth’s 2011 Language Preservation Summit, Dr. Bear Nicholas will draw on her knowledge from an array of areas including treaties, women’s issues, language, education, and history to discuss loss of language and genocide.

This deeply important gathering of language experts and language preservation activists will inspire and motivate you and your tribe in your journey to keep your language alive. For more information about this summit, visit our website.

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