Native-Owned Company Offers Affordable Language Software

We’ve posted several blogs on language software from companies Osten Interactive, Thornton Media, and Rosetta Stone in the past couple of months. We were pleased when Jim Crews, founder of Teaching, Revitalizing, and Archiving Indigenous Language Software (TRAILS) recently contacted us to let us know about a language software option that may be especially appealing to tribes looking for a way to archive and teach their language on a limited budget.

The Native-owned company offers tribes a chance to customize software to fit their own unique needs. TRAILS staff works with customers to upload data such as written text (including phonetic spellings), photos, audio and video recordings, and lessons. Students can then access the information through the TRAILS interface. Students using the program can also record themselves practicing words and then compare their pronunciation to that of a recorded Native speaker. In a demonstration Crews shared with us we were able to access some remarkable recorded songs.

For more information on TRAILS contact Jim Crews at or visit the TRAILS website at

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Native-Owned Company Offers Affordable Language Software, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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