“We Still Live Here” to be Broadcast on PBS November 17

Back in July we blogged about an award-winning film, We Still Live Here, documenting the revival of the Wampanoag language. The language had been dormant for over a century when one determined woman made it her mission to teach it to herself and raise her daughter to be fluent. Her success, coupled with others’ subsequent dedication to learning the language, has given hope to endangered language communities across the world.

We Still Live Here will be broadcast on PBS Thursday, November 17, at 10:00 pm. Free screenings are also being held in a number of communities across the United States. To see if there is a screening near you, click here.

Those interested in the portrayal of American Indians on screen may be interested in another PBS documentary, “Reel Injun,” showing on Thanksgiving night. As PBS describes it, “Jim Jarmusch, Clint Eastwood, Graham Greene, John Trudell, and others provide insights into the often demeaning and hilariously absurd stereotypes perpetuated on the big screen through Hollywood’s history.”

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