Learn Dakota With Great Website

The Association on American Indian Affairs has launched a fantastic website featuring games, forums and children’s books teaching the Dakota language. The association is based on the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation on the border between North and South Dakota.

The AAIA’s site is full of resources dedicated to teaching youngsters and adults the Dakota language. As a Lakota speaker, I loved playing Caske Heye. While the differences in our two dialects proved to be a bit of a challenge, I loved the playful format and visuals. The site also features the opportunity to purchase instructive language books for kids. I’m personally leaning toward Sunka Wastewada, which translates to I Like Dogs.

The AAIA’s site offers numerous ways to learn the Dakota language, and is also interested in translating their resources into other languages.

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  1. Dianne King says:

    I am actually from New Zealand but love the indigenous cultures of all countries. Many years ago we visited Rapid city and had the honor of attending an awards ceremony of one of the indigenous colleges there. A wonderful experience to have been privy to your culture, language and people. Truly beautiful. Thanks so much to the Lakota people. He mihi nui ki te Iwi o Lakota.

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