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As the digital age continues to grow and expand, social networking over the internet has become one of the key ways to connect with people from all over the world. One website which focuses on connecting individuals in a professional capacity is LinkedIn.

This website is devoted to the sharing of “information, ideas and opportunities” over the internet and can be used to network with the people you know—such as your friends, family members, past and present colleagues, and schoolmates. By creating a LinkedIn profile, you will be able to connect and stay in touch with these individuals and then build on your professional network through linking yourself to other people’s networks.

LinkedIn also provides resources for professionals about their industries. Many professional associations, schools and companies have groups which offer forums for discussion, news and job leads. These communities provide a wealth of knowledge and ample opportunity to build your network.

Things to keep in mind when using a professional social networking website:

  1. Maintain a mature and polished profile. Use a profile picture that clearly shows your face.
  2. Do not use slang or abbreviations on your profile or in discussions. Always use correct grammar and punctuation in your profile!
  3. If your email is visible to others, make sure that it is one that can be shared with potential employers! Some variation of your name or initials is ideal.

Falmouth Institute also has a LinkedIn company page. Please click here to view our page!

For more tips, check out this article: 13 Essential Tips for Landing a Job on LinkedIn.

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