To be the premier provider of culturally relevant education and information services for North American Indian tribes and organizations.


In 1985, Falmouth Institute was founded to provide quality and comprehensive education and information services to the North American Indian community. Since then, we have dedicated our organizational strength toward assisting our clients in addressing the challenges posed by self-governance issues and policies developed by government agencies entrusted to assist Indian tribes. We are proud to have worked with nearly all of the Indian nations in the United States, meeting their complex, ever-changing educational needs and assisting them in refining or restructuring their organizations.


Internationally renowned and widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and effective training organization serving Indian Country, Falmouth Institute maintains its status by focusing on:

Falmouth Institute is best known for its comprehensive training services. We offer open enrollment and on-site seminars specifically tailored to tribes and tribal organizations. In addition to our seminars we also offer conferences and tradeshows that address the issues impacting tribes today. Each Falmouth seminar is designed to be a complete learning experience. We blend our presentations with interactive exercises, case studies, group discussions and lectures. Our commitment to providing high quality education services in a culturally relevant environment is unmatched and has earned us the distinction of Indian Country's premier training firm.

Our consulting services help organizations implement the theories, methods and solutions we discuss in our training seminars. Often, individuals are too close to specific situations to adequately identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organization. Falmouth assists clients with integrated, solution-based services that help facilitate positive change in the structure, policies and procedures that govern tribal organizations.