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Become a Certified Tribal Parliamentarian (CTP)! This unique new certification program is perfect for anyone who has already taken Falmouth Institute’s Robert’s Rules of Order class and would like to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt or adapt standard parliamentary procedure for a tribal environment.

This program will help you move beyond the basics to a deeper understanding of how parliamentary procedure and the intricacies of meeting management can make your organization more productive and responsive. Regardless of the parliamentary procedure you are currently using, you’ll learn to master the terminology, employ effective meeting strategies and demonstrate superior facilitation skills. You’ll develop useful techniques for handling difficult and unruly meeting participants and learn how to effectively use your governing documents. And you’ll put it all to work in a mock meeting designed to give you practical experience with the application of parliamentary procedure.

Show your commitment to your organization and your community by going to the next level with a certification in Parliamentary Procedure!

Perfect for tribal chairpersons, board/council members, presidents, tribal administrators, principals, administrative professionals, and committee organizers and chairs.

T O P I C S   I N C L U D E
  • Interpret and correctly use the Chart of Motions
  • Explain the five classes of motions
  • Choose the correct motion for the pending business
Voting and Quorum
  • Principles of preserving democracy
  • Voting methods and procedures
  • Quorum defined and common practices
The Most Recent Revisions to Robert's Rules
  • Rules for small boards and organizations
  • Electronic meetings
  • Change to the motion: "Point of information"
  • Offering a series of amendments in one motion and then dividing it
Governing Documents
  • Using your tribe's governing documents purposefully
  • Evaluating your governing documents
  • Revising your Tribe's Rules:
    • Bylaws
    • Rules of order
    • Standing rules
Meetings and Strategies
  • Types of meetings and requirements
  • Electronic meetings pros and cons
  • Strategies for managing and evaluating meetings
  • Common discipline problems and resolutions
  • Removing an offender
  • Censuring a member
  • Understanding the purpose of effective meeting minutes
  • Using a meeting minute template
  • Evaluating sample meeting minutes
  • Identifying common mistakes
Meeting Strategies
  • Strategies for using motions effectively
  • Processing motions strategically to problem solve and meet goals
  • Using parliamentary procedure as a leadership tool
Mock Meetings


Become certified by completing these simple steps:

The Falmouth Tribal Parliamentary Procedure Certification Program can also be delivered as an Onsite Program for organizations seeking to certify at least seven participants. To discuss onsite training opportunities, please call Falmouth at 800-992-4489, ext. 119.


To receive your Tribal Parliamentary Procedure Certification, you must pass the online qualifying exam.*

*Testing accommodations are available to those with a documented disability. Please contact Falmouth at 1-800-992-4489 or info@falmouthinstitute.com to discuss your particular situation. You must request accommodations when you register for the Certification Program for accommodations to be guaranteed.


Falmouth takes pride in its exceptional faculty. We only work with outstanding trainers who have years of specialized Indian Country experience and who are experts in their fields. You can expect your instructor(s) for this program to deliver top quality training suited to your unique needs.