Join over 400 tribal administrative assistants, secretaries, office managers, receptionists, customer service representatives and others for the largest conference of its kind in Indian Country – TriSec, The Tribal Administrative Professionals Conference.

Each year, we strive to combine the latest information, new ways of learning, and feedback from past participants. For TriSec 2024, we’re even more excited as we introduce a brand-new feature! Using an award-winning mobile event app, we’re thrilled to offer innovative and user-friendly technology for an enhanced student experience. Tools that encourage interaction, provide up-to-the-minute updates, share electronic documents and more will allow you to easily navigate various aspects of the conference before, during and after.

For what promises to be an amazing event, TriSec 2024 aims to enhance your skills, explore your unique role, appreciate traditions, and offer an opportunity for you to connect and recharge. We look forward to collaborating with you to “Honor your Past, Grow your Future.”

Highlights Include:
  • Brand-new feature! Award-winning, interactive conference app
  • Inspiring and empowering Keynote Presentation
  • 14 hot-topic, hands-on new or improved Workshops to choose from
  • Popular instructors with decades of Indian Country experience
  • A rockin’ Welcome Reception
  • TriSec Appreciation Luncheon – a longstanding tradition of celebrating the efforts and achievements of tribal administrative professionals
  • TriSec 2024 custom-designed t-shirt
  • Environmentally friendly conference guidebook
  • A chance to win fabulous prizes
  • Vendor Expo featuring Native American artists and other businesses showcasing their products and services

Falmouth Institute’s Tribal Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Conference – TriSec – was first held in April 1994 in Lake Tahoe, CA and was created to support the dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes in Indian Country — tribal administrative assistants, clerks, office managers, receptionists, customer service representatives and others.

TriSec has been held every April for the last 28 years to celebrate Tribal Administrative Professionals. The conference is a blend of networking, learning and fun, designed to inspire and motivate you to face everyday challenges. Each year we strive to provide you with the tools needed to enhance your personal and professional success.

Attend 8 of these 14 information-packed Workshops taught by experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated Indian Country experts! Scroll for detailed Workshop descriptions below. You can also check out the Workshop details on the Agenda page HERE, where you can learn more about our instructors!   

Digital Defense for Everyone
Building High-Performance Teams
Unlocking Microsoft Power Tools: Outlook, Teams and Beyond
Fostering Workplace Adaptability
Seamless Meetings and Events Management
Understanding Tribal Sovereignty
Mastering the Dynamics of Conflict Management
Rooted in Community, Thriving in Leadership
Protecting Confidentiality in Tribal Administrative Operations
The Basics of Financial Planning
The Art of Problem-Solving
Enhancing Your Tribal Community’s Health and Wellness
Weaving Storytelling into Communications
Harnessing Your Emotions

• • •

Digital Defense for Everyone

Instructor: Brian Pearson, MBA

Feeling overwhelmed by the high-stakes digital world? Join us and learn practical strategies to protect your organization’s privacy, security, and online well-being. Gain the confidence to navigate the digital world with knowledge, awareness, and control.

  • Discover the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including the most common threats and how to protect your data and organization
  • Discuss how to comply with cybersecurity requirements
  • Devise ways to manage your online presence and stay safe on social media

Building High-Performance Teams

Back by popular demand! Team development is the key to successful operations. Together we’ll unravel the unique characteristics of highly functioning teams. Learn how to create cohesiveness and loyalty where each member works together toward a common vision.

  • Developing high-performing teams
  • Instilling cohesive and value-aligned team dynamics
  • Creating an environment of open communication

Unlocking Microsoft Power Tools: Outlook, Teams and Beyond

Instructor: Brian Pearson, MBA

Back by popular demand! Put your technical skills to work by unlocking a higher level of proficiency. Achieve mastery in Outlook, Teams, and more. This crash course will give you the tools necessary to maximize Microsoft communication and productivity.

  • Exploring real-time collaboration tools
  • Implementing interactive video capabilities
  • Streamlining workflow and improving workplace accountability

Fostering Workplace Adaptability

Instructor: Marissa Gehley, MEd

Are you looking to embrace new opportunities and challenges? In today’s dynamic world, adaptability is a key skill for success. This session will equip administrative professionals with the tools and strategies to thrive in a changing environment.

  • Learn how to leverage traditional values and perspectives to navigate change effectively
  • Develop strategies for managing stress and staying positive in challenging situations
  • Discover techniques for effective communication and collaboration within diverse teams

Seamless Meetings and Events Management

Instructor: Lisa Harjo, MEd

Elevate your organizational skills and master the art of successful meetings and events for your tribal organization! Develop professional tools and techniques to plan and execute gatherings that will make a lasting impression on your community.

  • Plan and organize meetings and events efficiently, saving time and resources
  • Develop effective communication strategies to engage attendees and ensure clear understanding
  • Create memorable and culturally relevant experiences that honor tribal traditions and values

Understanding Tribal Sovereignty

Instructor: David Montoya III, J.D., M.A., SHRM-CP

Delve into the core principles and complexities of self-governance, designed to equip administrative professionals with essential knowledge and practical tools. Empower yourself and your organization and become a stronger advocate for tribal sovereignty!

  • Explore the complex relationship between tribal sovereignty and federal Indian policy
  • Unpack federal Indian policies designed to protect and advance tribal authority
  • Develop strategies for empowering Native administrative professionals to play a leading role in shaping the future of tribal government

Mastering the Dynamics of Conflict Management

Back by popular demand! Conflict is bound to happen. It’s what we do with it that matters the most. Achieve greater career and personal success through skillful negotiation techniques.  Learn how to turn differences into opportunities for professional growth. You may even build new allies.

  • Communicating with empathy and understanding
  • Diffusing tension fairly and efficiently
  • Handling disputes with grace and dignity

Rooted in Community, Thriving in Leadership

Instructor: Patina Park, J.D.

Kickstart your leadership journey and cultivate a thriving tribal community! Join the conversation as we explore the unique role you play in advancing your community, equipping you with the strategies to embrace your leadership potential.

  • Discuss the importance of integrating cultural values and perspectives into administrative leadership
  • Develop tools for building a supportive and inclusive workplace
  • Hone skills for facilitating collaboration and creating synergies across tribal government agencies, departments, and programs

Protecting Confidentiality in Tribal Administrative Operations

Instructor: David Montoya III, J.D., M.A., SHRM-CP

Dealing with workplace confidentiality can be overwhelming. This is essential for all administrative professionals who handle sensitive information in tribal organizations. Use the knowledge and skills necessary to protect the privacy of your community members and ensure ethical data practices.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of tribal confidentiality, information privacy laws, and regulations
  • Develop practical skills for implementing and enforcing confidentiality and information privacy policies and procedures in administrative settings
  • Explore the importance of integrating tribal values and perspectives into confidentiality and information privacy practices

The Basics of Financial Planning

Instructor: Evelina Y-Maho, MAdm.

Feeling daunted by your organization’s financial to-do list? Help your tribe invest in its future by gaining the knowledge and confidence to navigate the financial journey.  Learn how to set and achieve fiscal short-term and long-term goals to build a brighter tomorrow!

  • Gain insights into the unique financial considerations and challenges faced by Native American administrative professionals
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of financial planning concepts, including budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management
  • Explore strategies for achieving financial stability, expanding your financial knowledge, and securing long-term financial well-being

The Art of Problem-Solving

Instructor: Marissa Gehley, MEd

Even the best workplaces encounter obstacles. You’ll gain practical skills to apply to daily administrative challenges. This is your opportunity to sharpen your problem-solving skills, cultivate a culture of innovation, and contribute effectively to the success of your tribal organization.

  • Learn how to identify problems, analyze root causes, and generate realistic solutions
  • Discover how effective brainstorming techniques can foster a collaborative environment
  • Explore how traditional problem-solving approaches can enrich the decision-making process

Enhancing Your Tribal Community’s Health and Wellness

Instructor: Evelina Y-Maho, MAdm.

Are you ready to become a become a champion for tribal health and wellness? Uncover a comprehensive range of strategies, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Together, we can build stronger, healthier, and more vibrant communities!

  • Explore techniques that can be used to promote tribal health and wellness
  • Use emerging technologies to improve access to care, reduce health disparities, and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Implement tribal health and wellness programs that are culturally appropriate and sustainable

Weaving Storytelling into Communications

Instructor: Lisa Harjo, MEd

Discover the power of storytelling to elevate your administrative communications. Engage your tribal community by tapping into the rich tapestry of Native American storytelling traditions. Take your communication skills to a higher level and embrace the power of narrative.

  • Explore the rich tradition of storytelling in Native American cultures and its potential to enhance administrative communications
  • Learn how to incorporate Indigenous narratives into administrative communications in a way that is respectful, authentic, and effective
  • Develop strategies for using storytelling to connect with tribal communities, build relationships, and promote transparency and accountability in administrative work

Harnessing Your Emotions

Instructor: Patina Park, J.D.

Unlock the power of emotional intelligence and navigate workplace challenges with confidence and clarity!  Invest in your personal and professional growth. Harness your emotions and become a more effective leader, communicator, and colleague.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its importance for administrative professionals
  • Become a champion for emotional well-being in the workplace
  • Learn how to identify and manage your emotions and recognize the emotions of others in the workplace

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Please make your reservation by April 1, 2024. To book your room online, please CLICK HERE.

To book by phone, call 866-317-1829 and give the code Falmouth Tribal Secretaries Conference or SMFAL4 for special conference room rates.

A favorite attraction for TriSec attendees, the Vendor Expo can’t be missed! If you love cool Native clothing, beautiful handmade jewelry, unique paintings, blankets and other authentic Native American collectibles, be sure to check out the Expo anytime to treat yourself during an action-packed TriSec week. Our vendors are some of the finest artisans in Indian Country. Leave some room in your suitcase and shop for yourself or for gifts to bring home!

VENDOR BOOTHS ARE FULL. To be added to the waiting list, please contact Jennifer at (703) 995-7306 or for more information.

For details on sponsorship opportunities, Click Here.

Your TriSec registration fee of $960 includes 14 hands-on Workshops, a fun-filled Welcome Reception, the TriSec Appreciation Luncheon, a custom-designed t-shirt and more!

Group and Early-Bird Discounts:

Early-bird discount – Register AND submit payment by February 27, 2024, and get 5% off, so you pay only $912 per person. USE CODE: TS24EARLY in the shopping cart.

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Agenda At-A-Glance

Monday, April 22

4:00pm – 6:00pm Early Conference Check-In

Tuesday, April 23

8:00am – 9:00am Conference Check-In
9:00am – 10:15am Opening and Keynote Address
10:00am – 4:00pm Falmouth Info Booth Open
10:30am – 12:00pm 1st Workshop Session
12:00pm – 1:15pm Lunch (on your own)
1:15pm – 2:45pm 2nd Workshop Session
2:45pm – 3:15pm Break
3:15pm – 4:45pm 3rd Workshop Session
7:00pm – 9:00pm Welcome Reception

Wednesday, April 24

8:00am – 4:00pm Falmouth Info Booth Open
9:00am – 10:30am 4th Workshop Session
10:45am – 12:15pm 5th Workshop Session
12:30pm – 2:00pm Appreciation Luncheon
2:15pm – 3:45pm 6th Workshop Session

Thursday, April 25

8:00am – 12:00pm Falmouth Info Booth Open
9:00am – 10:30am 7th Workshop Session
10:45am – 12:15pm 8th Workshop Session

* Expo will be open from 8am until Workshop Sessions end daily.

For the complete, detailed agenda, CLICK HERE.


Evelina Y-Maho


The Basics of Financial Planning

Enhancing Your Tribal Community’s
Health and Wellness

David Joseph Montoya III


Understanding Tribal Sovereignty

Protecting Confidentiality in
Tribal Administrative Operations

Marissa Gehley


Fostering Workplace Adaptability

The Art of Problem-Solving

Brian Pearson


Digital Defense for Everyone

Unlocking Microsoft Power Tools:
Outlook, Teams, and Beyond

Patina Park


Rooted in Community,
Thriving in Leadership

Harnessing Your Emotions

Jill Ross


Building High-Performance Teams
in the Tribal Workplace

Mastering the Dynamics of Conflict Management

Eugenia Charles-Newton

Keynote Speaker

Special Events

Keynote Speaker

“Instructors were cool and smart.
Expectations were met and
knowledge was advanced!”

“Everything was truly amazing.
The instructors tied everything
together with personal experiences that
made it easy to relate to and learn from.”
“Everyone was engaged and had lots of fun.
I learned a lot that I can bring back
to the workplace and apply
to my personal life as well.”

“All the workshops
were informative. I just wish I
could have gone to all of them!”

“Just keep on bringing the
good to Indian Country!”

“It was a very lovely experience.
Very intimate even in the
bigger workshops!”

“I was happy and excited to be able to
choose my workshops, to allow me
to strengthen the areas that fit me.”