TriSec 18 Workshop Highlight

The way we interact with our bosses, co-workers, and clients has certainly changed since the introduction of electronic communications to the workplace. In many ways, it has made doing business a little easier, however, it is still important to be mindful of the messages we are sending. Attend this workshop at TriSec 18 and learn how to improve your ability to communicate effectively over the phone and by e-mail.

Improving Your Electronic Communications

Whether we like it or not, the majority of our daily workplace communications now take place over the phone and with e-mail. In this workshop, we’ll explore why it’s important to think before you call or e-mail. Learn why “cyber manners” are becoming increasingly important for your professional image and discuss how to ensure that you represent yourself well in your electronic communications.

  • Setting the appropriate tone
  • Guidelines for appropriate and effective message formatting
  • Handling e-mail and voice mail overload

For more information about TriSec 18 or to view all workshop topics, visit our website.

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